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Resis Rad Iran Designer and manufacturer of metal shelves

Shelf, Resis Rad Iran’s largest shelf designer and manufacturer
It is not Iran but is the first designer and only manufacturer of bending shelf b
Improved shelf durability and shelf life with metallic hermetic and thickness is also complete
Parts made of iron material are coated with electrostatic paint and in
Shearing packaging is provided to the consumer.

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What shelf to buy with what quality?

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Before purchasing a shelf, you first need to know the shelf’s efficiency because the shelf is made in different designs and dimensions, and even with different materials that each
What they are doing is unique. If you want to buy a shelf even if you don’t want to buy Resi Rad Iran products,
Follow through to find out the best, the highest quality and the lowest cost shelves, and the best shelf for the money
You pay to buy because the mission of Resis Rad Iran is besides production, guidance and consulting and unrestricted assistance of all compatriots in this field.

Supermarket shelves are the big grocers of today, in addition to the large space and shelves, the customers themselves want their goods.
Eighty percent of supermarket products are dedicated to food, albeit in the current decade.
Supermarket finance funds have become chain stores that sell other goods besides food.
arrives. Supermarkets are usually smaller in size than chain stores and have simpler design and shelves.
They use more.
In order to select a supermarket shelf in the design of the business space, you must have experienced and experienced consultants in the industry.
Use the knowledge, experience, and expertise of expert experts in arranging supermarket shelves, painting and lighting shelves.
The shelf security helps you a lot after you install and lower costs.
The most important thing before buying a supermarket shelf is to determine the budget and estimate the costs. Price supermarket metal shelves difference
They do not have much and usually the material, thickness and color of the shelves are different from the price of the shelves. Try to buy as much
The extra shelf does not hurt you, and remember that any empty shelf is a negative rating for the store.